MARCH 1, 2022

Let’s address the elephant in the room: We recently launched our Live Rosin Cartridges and are so thankful for the support we’ve received. However, we’ve also seen the comments about some of the carts looking low. We hear you and thank you for being so quick to bring it to our attention.

Our 5ml tanks were being filled to .5g, unfortunately, we didn’t account for the viscosity and density of the solventless oil, which threw off the machine’s calibration by .1g.


  • All of our 5ml tanks will be filled with .6g of our Live Rosin Solventless oil, and all in-store product has been replaced with the new product.
  • If you purchased a Local Solventless Cart between Feb 14, 2022 – Feb 28, 2022, at a Prime Leaf location or a Zen Leaf Location, we owe you a brand new FREE cart. 
    • To redeem, please return to the dispensary where you purchased the cartridge and talk to the patient consultant about claiming your free Local Solventless cartridge. ** This offer is valid until March 31st, 2022.

We’re a new, small-batch cultivation and we know mistakes are going to happen and we can’t ignore it. Instead, we’re going to own it and learn from it.