Save Xmas

From October to December, Local Flower will be raising awareness and money for Christmas Bazaar by Zonka Miles, a local organization that works to help give local foster and group home children a magical Thanksgiving and Christmas.



We will be selling our tees at all of our upcoming events and dispensary days. Help save Christmas and collect our amazing tee designs.

Come see us at: 

  • Errl Cup – Oct 16 & 17
  • Phoenix Pride – Nov 6 & 7
  • Local Joint Dispensary – Oct 22
  • Phoenix Relief Dispensary – Oct 30
  • Prime Leaf (Tucson) – Nov 12

If you can’t catch us at an upcoming event, please contact us or send us a DM on Instagram (@localfloweraz).


We will have a donation box at all of our upcoming events (see the list under “Purchase a Shirt”) and accept anything you can donate. 


100% of the proceeds and donations will be given to Zonka Miles, a nonprofit dedicated to helping local foster children have a magical holiday.